The name is nothing fancy. “fancyfa'u” (pronounced [fanʃəˈfahu], i.e “cy” represents the sound at the end of “Porsche”, and the apostrophe represents an ‘h’ sound). It just happens to be a phrase that sounds nice in both Lojban and English which also contains the name of one of the concepts I will be writing about a lot.

I write about mathematical notation. My motivation is that I think that there should be features of maths notation that make programmers think “I wish my language had that”, not the other way round. Mathematics isn't burdened with computability, so it should be more flexible.

I also write about language – specifically, an engelang with a different grammatical structure to Loglan's offspring. I may do bits about Shwa script, but I need a font first. I probably won't write about Lojban much, since there are already people taking good care of it, and I tend to have discussions about/in it, rather than have random opinions that I want to share.

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